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Sunday, 26 February 2012

How To Use Moshi Monsters cheats

Back in school days we have a saying that, it is better to cheat than to repeat. Well, it is a silly motto of students but hey come to think about it we do not want to be left behind. Cheat codes or cheat sheets are famous not only in school but also at the work place to make sure that every moment is a step forward and not a step backward. For children, cheat codes are very important in playing a game because it gives you an advantage over the others because you will get all the good stuffs without discovering it yourself which is very time consuming. Moshi Monsters cheats are becoming one of the most searched cheat codes nowadays because of the game popularity.

Before we discuss some of the famous Moshi Monsters cheats, let us familiarize ourselves with the game. Moshi monster is just a simple online game which allows a child to adopt a pet and take care of it just like a Tamagochi game wake back in the 90's. However, the game is far more advanced than the game in the 90's because this allows gamers to earn Rox (money of in Moshi monster) which they can use to buy items for their pets. The setting of the game is in Monstro City where different facilities for the monster pets have been made by the creators to make it more exciting to play. There are six monsters you can choose to adopt they are Diavlos, Zommers, Katsuma, Poppet, Luvli, and Furis. These cute little monsters have become a phenomenon that drag 30 million children aged between 5 to 16 years old to play the game. Moshi Monsters cheats are every where online. Here are some of the famous cheats that you can you to become ahead of the game.

Unlocking Moshlings

Moshlings are mini-pets for your monsters. Getting them is really cool and adds cuteness to your lovely monsters. To get them here are some of the Moshi Monsters cheats to get your moshlings.


Chop Chop (monkey) - 3 Dragon Fruits
Gingersnap (beat up cat) - Magic Beans + Love Berry + Hot Silly Peppers
Squidge (a fluffy flying thing) - Star Blossom + Hot Silly Peppers + Dragon Fruit
DJ Quack (duck) - Dragon Fruit + Moon Orchid + Star Blossom
Stanley (seahorse) - two Love Berries + Dragon Fruit
Purdy (pink fluffy cat) - two Dragon Fruits + Moon Orchid
Humphrey (hippo) - Crazy Daisy + Magic Bean + Hot Silly Pepper
Angel (flying unicorn) - Magic Bean + Two Hot Silly Peppers
Snookums (dinosaur) - Three Star Blossoms


Doris (pink dragon) - 3 Moon Orchids
Kissy (baby ghost) - Purple Star Blossom + Yellow Star Blossom + Blue Magic Bean
Lady Meowford (white cat) - Blue Moon Orchid + Pink Moon Orchid + Purple Star Blossom
Shelby (turtle) - Blue Dragon Fruit + Black Dragon Fruit + Blue Magic Bean
Dipsy (cloud) - Red/Pink Moon Orchid + Yellow Moon Orchid + Yellow Love
Blurp (blowfish) - Purple Moon Orchid + Pink Love + Black Love/Blue Moon Orchid
Sooki-Yaki (ninja cat) - Purple Hot Silly Pepper + Red Magic Bean + Yellow Magic Bean
Priscilla (horse with tiara) - Yellow Apple + Red Moon Orchid + Blue Moon Orchid

There are also rare and ultra rare Moshlings. Their Moshi Monsters cheats are available online so check them out too.

Getting More Rox

Rox is the most coveted thing in Moshi Monsters. Getting many of those can definitely do a lot of things in the game. To get more of those Rox here are the things you can do. Planting three magic beans can give you up to 100 Rox once the plant grows. However, make sure that your monster has a full health before you dig the plant otherwise it will give you lesser Rox. Another way is to redo the daily challenge. Click your monster using the right click, and then undo the right click before going home. Drink a toad soda at home then go back to the daily challenge. You will be amazed that you will be able to play the game again. This can let you earn up to 1000 Rox. If you are a member, shake the Rox tree to get all those precious. After all the Rox have fallen, sign out then sign in and you will see that the tree has grown back the Rox. There are other Moshi Monsters cheats that can give you more Rox like doing quizzes at the same time; codes are available out there for you to check.

Getting rare items are the coolest to see. You will be the envy of all. Here are the Moshi Monster cheats codes to get those rare items. Enter these alphanumeric in the code box to unlock the items.

The Flaming Sword of Awesomeness - 9mt4gmc4nm4y
The Hunted Diamond Tiara - 33r3hdhd8t6y
The Purple Goblet of Goosebump Gulch - r7ckafnjdpgu
The Black Pearl Of Potion - jkydpd7xctdr
The Lost Marbles Of Eggleton - 6gw7areyh49u
18 Carat Shiny Parrot - n89d6679t7cy
The Sneezy Flute Of Pepperbomb Geyser - 9g4k3p9mhfp
The Shimmering Snaggletooth Sapphire - x4d8u834e3x

Making your Monster Happy

In addition to all the Moshi Monsters cheats, you need to make sure that your monster is happy otherwise it will turn against you. If you are just in a low level, frequent shopping and buying stuffs for your pet will make them happy. Customize its house with items from these shops -- Yukea, Bizzare, and DIY shops. Feed them with their favorite food which you can buy in Gross-ery store. Also, you can go home and click your monster to tickle them so that the happiness bar will go up.

The Moshi Monsters cheats provided are just codes to boost your game so that you will be motivated in playing because you are leveling up and progressing. However, it is still up to you how much time you spend in the game that can make you successful in Moshi Monster.

Adopting a monster

You have the option of selecting from either Diavlo, Zommer, Poppet, Luvli, Katsuma or Furi Moshi Monsters. You can access them by going into the Moshi Monsters home page and clicking on the 'play now' button. You need to be careful in choosing a Monster as you will not be able to change your monster later. You then need to change the color of your chosen monster, but you can only do this if you are a member.

Your aim of play is to earn Rox, the currency of the game, otherwise referred to as points. You will use the Rox or points to buy clothing, food, furniture and other things for your monster. You can be either a paid member or just a member with a free account. Paid up members have varied options than members with free accounts.

You can play several types of monster games using Moshi Monster moshlings to earn Rox. Without Rox, you cannot do anything in the game. Moshlings are small creatures that roam in your monster's room. You get them by buying seeds to plant. Earn Rox by:

1. Playing games at the puzzle palace - Click on the 'puzzles' button in your home to gain access to the puzzle palace. You will find daily challenge and hall of puzzle games. In the hall of puzzle, you will be confronted with many games. Click on the title of any game, which provides you with picture quizzes with a question. You automatically earn 5 Rox by playing each of the games. The daily challenge incorporates various games in the hall of puzzle and your Rox earnings solely depend on your score during a game. You are only allowed to play daily challenge once in a day.
2. Playing games at the Main Street and Ooh Lane - Earn Rox either by working at the ice cream in the Ooh Lane by serving your customers with ice cream or simply play games at the Main Street which has two games at either end. Your Main Street games involves either catching of butterflies, which you should catch in large numbers or selecting any four blocks which turn, and your duty is to match colors of at east four, which disappear. All the games have instructions on how to play.

In order to play effectively, you need to make sure that your monster is always happy and healthy. You will be able to make your monster happy by either buying it favorite food or tickling it. Your monster needs lots of food to stay happy and you can find your monster's favorite food in its profile. You can also tickle your monster by clicking on it while you are in your room. Its happiness score should increase. If it gets bored of being tickled, it may tell you so either by decreasing its happiness score or by telling you in a speech bubble.

Buying items for your monster

You monster's health depends on the food you feed it. Click on your door to get out of your room. You will find a map which should show you where to go and buy food when you run your mouse over it. You should notice the Main Street. Go to it and click on the first shop, which should be the grocery store. Choose from the shelves a food item, which should not be grey. Once you have selected an item, click the 'buy it' button and the item will be at your home. Return home by clicking on the picture of your home at the bottom right corner of your screen.

To buy clothing for your monster, go to the Marketplace Building on the Sludge Street just behind the Main Street. Click on the building to access clothing and remember that each monster has its own shape. You can dress your monster by clicking and dragging on the clothing you want onto your monster.

You can buy furniture for your room either from the Main or Sludge Streets. You can access either Bizarre Bazaar, DIY or Yukea shops. You have a huge selection of furniture, wallpapers, floor and window patterns. Wallpapers, floor and window patterns automatically get placed at appropriate spots in your room. To place a furniture where you want it, click on the chest that holds your furniture and drag a furniture of your choice.

You can buy Moshi Monster Moshlings either from the cart at the Grocery store or at the Barb's Boutique.